Transform your organisation for success and survival

As we approach a new financial year, the outlook in the UK – and the west generally – is looking quite gloomy. A quick scan of the business news paints a miserable picture: banks losing £31.5bn through fines and debts, the possibility of the dreaded triple dip recession, high street mainstays like HMV, Blockbuster and […]

Will the Budget help drive business transformation?

Whilst I don’t entirely agree with everything the chancellor announced in yesterday’s Budget, I am pleased to see measures being put in place to help UK businesses to grow. Economic growth can only be helped by the prosperity of businesses that create jobs and produce goods & services that can be exported abroad, boosting GDP.

IT-enabled Business Change: Successful Management

Information Technology is a core aspect of every traditional business operation. Over the past 10-20 years it has become apparent that a business cannot and should not operate without adequate Information Technology resources. However, a lot of organizations still look at IT as a back office support function.

Managing Business Transformation: “Small Book – Big Punch!”

Realise the changes that will benefit your business in this great new book – Managing Business Transformation. If done right, change can bring improved efficiency, increased productivity and greater profitability.