How many of your staff do you expect to go AWOL when the World Cup gets underway in June?

When your organisation can no longer meet its deadlines, or provide customers with the high quality of service they expect, you have a problem. Unplanned absence also has a bad effect on morale, putting the rest of the team under pressure as they struggle to deal with the additional workload. Unplanned absence can occur as a result of force majeure (for example, when an airline is hit by strike action), or because of poor employee motivation and commitment.

ISACA-accredited CobiT 4.1 Foundation Course

Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology (CobiT) is an IT governance control framework that helps organisations meet today’s business challenges in the areas of regulatory compliance, risk management and aligning IT strategy with organisational goals.

ISO20000 Consultant Certificate – ‘PASS THE COURSE GUARANTEE’

The three-day Implementing ISO20000 Training Course prepares the IT practitioner (or ISO20000 project manager), to implement ISO/IEC 20000 in an organisation. It covers the interpretation and application of the ISO/IEC 20000 Standard, has a wider scope than the Certificated Auditor training course and is therefore ideal for all IT(SM) consultants who wish to assist organisations in preparing for audit/certification to ISO20000.

Certificated ISO 27001 Internal Auditor Training Course

ISO27001 Certificated Internal Auditor training provides an excellent career progression and skills development opportunity for information security staff and internal auditors.
This two-day certificated training course prepares the internal auditor to effectively audit compliance with the information security standard ISO27001 and against the controls contained in ISO27002 (ISO17799). Certificates of attendance are awarded to all delegates and this course qualifies for 16 CPE credits, or 16 hours for all professional Continuous Professional Education programs.

Social Media Governance in the Modern Business

Social media is, for many organisations, a critical part of how they speak to customers, partners and stakeholders; for others, social media are a dangerous distraction.
Dealing effectively with social media requires a joined-up approach that is aligned with the objectives and risk appetite of the business – a governance approach.

DPA problems not confined to the public sector

In a speech at the Infosec security conference last week, the deputy Information Commissioner, David Smith, said that the NHS reported the highest number of serious data breaches of any UK organisation since the end of 2007.

The NHS – the UK’s largest employer with 1.7m staff reported 287 breaches it in the period, accounting for more than 30% of the total number of reported breaches. Most of the breaches (113) were the result of stolen data or hardware, followed by 82 cases of lost data or hardware.

Skewed Results