Identity theft rises by 31% in first quarter of 2015


Statistics published yesterday by fraud prevention agency Cifas show that the number of UK individuals affected by identity theft rose by a third in the first quarter of 2015. Cifas said that 32,058 people fell victim in the first three months of 2015, up 31% year-on-year. 80% of these instances were conducted online. Identity theft […]

76% of websites vulnerable to attack for more than 30 days

Defence shield

According to PwC/BIS’s most recent Information Security Breaches Survey, 60% of small businesses have suffered a data breach. Making sure you close security gaps and fix vulnerabilities as soon as they are known  is essential to keeping your networks secure and your corporate information safe. This is especially true if you use off-the-shelf CMS platforms, software, […]

CISSP CBK 2015: what are the big changes?


On 15 April this year, (ISC)2 updated the Official CISSP CBK to reflect the significant changes in both the technical and management aspects of the information security landscape since the release of the previous edition in 2012.  The CISSP examination also changed on this date, so everyone preparing to take the exam should be aware […]

Watch out for the ‘Facebook recovery’ scam

Facebook recovery scam

Facebook users, be vigilant: a new scam attempting to get hold of your credit card details is doing the rounds. Users are being targeted with messages entitled ‘Facebook recovery’, which ask the user to verify their account or risk having their account disabled. The full message reads: Source: Malwarebytes. Once a user clicks on the […]